Meet Lindsay O’Bryan, our newest team member.

Lindsay O’Bryan

Senior Consultant

We’re growing.  And so is our team!


Lindsay joined CFO Alliance in mid-February and is already putting her strong finance background and puzzle solving skills to work, assisting with multiple client accounts. Previously she worked as a Senior Analyst at TECO Energy, after earning her Master in Accountancy from The University of Tampa and CGMA certification.


Originally from Ohio, Lindsay grew up in Fort Myers and now lives in South Tampa. A big fan of math and numbers, and a desire to help others understand accounting and business concepts was what attracted Lindsay to the financial world.


“A professor once told me that accountants are able to see all aspects of the business and have the opportunity to help and work with every department in a variety of industries. I chose accounting because I wanted that opportunity and the big picture view,” explained Lindsay.

On a personal level:
Lindsay tells us about Lindsay in this round-up of randomly, fun questions.



What is one of your greatest achievements?

Professionally, I’d say passing the CPA exam while getting my master’s degree and working full time. Personally…winning the Division II National Championship in Women’s Soccer for the University of Tampa (one of the most difficult and amazing days of my life!)


You clearly love soccer. Any other sports?

I love all sports and I like to watch or play just about anything. I’m a big supporter of the Lightning and try to make it to at least a few games each year.


One fun, uncommon fact about you is…

I like to make things. I sew and I crochet – two things that not a ton of people know how to do. I love taking one thing and turning it into another. I got a bunch of power tools for Christmas so I’m hoping to start building things too! I’m always up for making things for others too. The women in my family have all made me things growing up and I like continuing the tradition and making things for people.


Do you have any pets?

I am a true animal lover! I have a spaniel mix named Elllie and a Siamese/Point Lynx cat named Donnie.  They are great friends. My mom lives up in Ohio and she’s got two donkeys, Winnie and Willow that are the sweetest animals, but only with people.  They are known to be very mean to other animals, so they act like watchdogs, keeping the coyotes away from the chickens.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to stay busy. I am in a Bowling league, softball league, I play golf on the weekends, I like to go line dancing a lot and I’m a crafter that likes to make things too!


What was the last movie you watched?

The Martian. I saw this movie in the theaters a few years ago, but I like to re-watch it when it’s on TV. I like Space and that movie always makes me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. Although it’s fictional, I really admire the main character’s ability to look at his situation as an opportunity to solve problems one by one. I always feel very empowered when I watch it.

Lindsay gets some love from her mom’s donkeys Winnie and Willow.
Lindsay’s fur-baby, Ellie, enjoying a treat from Santa.

Connect with Lindsay

You can always reach Lindsay by email at [email protected] and be sure to connect on LinkedIn.