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Prosperity Tools, Resources, Webinars, Financial Assistance, and Wellness Tips for Business Owners and Employees During This Economic Downturn

(Updated 3.30.2020) Companies across the nation are showing their commitment to their communities and have come together to lift one another during these times of crisis. Businesses are offering online tools, classes, webinars, and other resources at massive discounts or even free. We love seeing this community spirit.

It’s a Candidate’s Market – 3 Things Top Talent Looks for When Choosing the Right Company

Our mission at CFO Alliance, is to help our clients grow and prosper. One of the ways we ensure you and your business prosper is by helping your business attract and retain top talent. Unemployment rate is low, and we are in a candidate’s market. In the past year, the number of employed individuals has risen by nearly 60 thousand jobs.


Are You Considering Selling Your Business?

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As an owner, you may have spent years building your business. Sweat equity and sleepless nights supplement the financial investments you’ve made over the years. The very idea of selling your business may be thrilling, but a bit overwhelming. The due diligence process alone can be a headache. It’s a significant life event carrying professional, personal, and financial implications that could span generations. There are many factors to consider when prepping your business for sale beyond revenue and profitability, and not all of them will be obvious if you haven’t been through it before.

Introducing The CFO Alliance Client Portal

Introducing CFO alliance Client portal Image CFO Allianceby Chris Morgan, Senior Manager, Client Services & Innovation

Have you experienced the benefit of using the right tool for the job?

In construction sites it can be critical to both physical safety as well as completion of work.  While the accounting and finance department is not a hard hat zone, the criticality of using the proper tools is still very real.

From the value of collaboration and timely information, to security risk mitigation, tools are an integral part of a company’s prosperity.

As part of our mission to help people prosper, we’re excited to share our newest tool with the world: our Client Portal!

As with most innovation, this solution was born from a problem, or in our case, a series of problems.  Though not all of them were critical in nature, and each had different value impact, when we took a step back we realized there was a synergy that was created by addressing these issues with one centralized solution.