The Best Apps & Integrations For Your Accounting Organization

Best Apps & Integrations for Accounting Organization | Photo by Jeremy Bishop on UnsplashWe are living in an open-source era, with a vast majority of businesses using the collaborative, iterative, and transparent development method to connect and open everything – and everyone.


It powers processes and systems required to capitalize on successive waves of digital technology, such as big data, cloud-based tools, SaaS, mobile applications, and even artificial intelligence. Additionally, it eases the integration of new technologies with legacy systems and packaged products so users can adapt strategies, business models, and new ways of working. READ MORE

Your Controller Should Get You Financial Statements In 10 Days (And They Should Be Accurate)

Your Controller Should Get You Financial Statements In 10 Days (And They Should Be Accurate)Decisions, decisions, decisions.


When starting or running your own business, there is no shortage of choices to make. And it’s likely that most of these decisions need to be made quickly, too. But how do you know you’re making the right decision – and what information are you relying on?


We’d venture that more often than not, you’re relying on financial information. But how quickly is that being provided to you on a monthly basis?


Artificial Intelligence: How it Benefits SAAS Companies

Artificial Intelligence: How it Benefits SAAS CompaniesNot long ago, artificial intelligence (AI) elicited visions of Terminator movies and self-aware robots rising up to fight the human race. And although some may still believe the robots will overthrow the humans, AI is actually bringing a lot of positive innovations to our world. Today, AI is all around us, being used in smart homes, apps, grocery stores, and broadly in the B2B sector.  READ MORE