13-Week Cash Flow Forecast Tools

Plan and prepare and project as we might, in business as in life, not everything is within our control.

But there are elements within your control. You just need all the pieces of the puzzle to see what they are.

So, how can you take financial control during these uncertain times?

To answer this question, CFO Alliance will be hosting a live webinar on March 31st to discuss 13- Week Cash Flow Forecasts.

A 13 Week Cashflow Forecast is a pragmatic tool that gives you real information you can use to manage vendors, maintain bank relationships, and to have peace of mind to know what your cash is doing during a downturn.

We have been working hard on creating resources for your business to take advantage of during this time and get a handle on your cash flow.

Cash Flow Forecasting:

5 Reasons Why It’s More Important Than Your P&L

Cares Act and Paycheck Protection Plan 1


If you’re a business owner who has taken advantage of the CARES Act Stimulus Package Aid, and need help maximizing the use and tracking of the funds to avoid penalties, we can help you.

13-Week Cash Flow Forecast

A Personalized Tool For Your Business

Introducing The CFO Alliance Client Portal

Introducing CFO alliance Client portal Image CFO AllianceIntroducing The CFO Alliance Client Portal

by Chris Morgan, Senior Manager, Client Services & Innovation

Have you experienced the benefit of using the right tool for the job?

In construction sites it can be critical to both physical safety as well as completion of work.  While the accounting and finance department is not a hard hat zone, the criticality of using the proper tools is still very real.

From the value of collaboration and timely information, to security risk mitigation, tools are an integral part of a company’s prosperity.

As part of our mission to help people prosper, we’re excited to share our newest tool with the world: our Client Portal!

As with most innovation, this solution was born from a problem, or in our case, a series of problems.  Though not all of them were critical in nature, and each had different value impact, when we took a step back we realized there was a synergy that was created by addressing these issues with one centralized solution.


Looking for a Smooth Due Diligence Process? Here are Five Keys to Success.

Baseball Coach

As an owner or CFO, you are moving ahead toward the sale of your company.

It’s hard to imagine a bigger event in the life of either. This may be your first company sale, or the most important deal of your life so far. You know that as an owner or CFO, you are the Captain of the team, responsible for due diligence activities.  But what should you expect and how can you be prepared to ensure that the diligence process maximizes the purchase price your company will receive from a buyer?



The Cap Table Tool Every Entrepreneur Should Know

The Cap Table Tool Every Entrepreneur Should Knowby Chris Morgan, Senior Manager, Client Services & Innovation

Gust Cap Tables & CFO Alliance: A Perfect Pair

Starting a business is typically initiated from a place of passion, excitement and a creative idea that will add value to future customers. As it should be – it’s an exciting time and a great undertaking.

Often, however, that creative and high-level mindset can get bogged down in the details of accounting and legal work, sometimes from the very onset of filing your articles of incorporation.


Let’s Celebrate Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month

A high holiday at CFO Alliance – as it reminds us all how important it is to establish and maintain healthy financial habits, effectively handle money and deal with debt.

But if you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you already understand the importance of financial literacy and are fluent in this universal language of business.

We think about financial literacy – a lot. And we wonder why talking about money and finances is still taboo.