Winning the M&A Game – Case Study

Acquiring a business can be a great way to quickly expand into new product lines and markets. On the other hand, selling a business or merging operations can provide access to valuable capital needed for growth, innovation and profitability. When these two transactions come together seamlessly in a single business deal, everybody wins.

This was the case when CFO Alliance assisted Tribridge with its sale to DXC Technology. In this acquisition, Tribridge, a software, services and cloud company and one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners was combined with DXC, the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company.


DXC Eclipse broadened its depth and product offering in the Americas while Tribridge was given a unique opportunity to drive innovation for their clients.


From the start, the Tribridge executive team realized they needed a strong partner with M&A experience to improve their chances of a successful transaction. Equally important, they needed a like-minded partner they could trust to serve as an extension of their team. CFO Alliance delivered, ensuring all key M&A components were executed successfully for the sale to close, including:

Transaction Process Leadership

  • Instill and maintain buyer confidence
  • Achieve a premium price
  • Reduce purchase price adjustments and clawbacks
  • Preserve working capital
  • Enable executives to focus on running the business
  • Reduce deal fatigue

Due Diligence Support

  • Position critical information in a compelling way
  • Present risks strategically, to mitigate downside effect
  • Prepare financial diligence requests
  • Manage due diligence activities across business functions



“Hiring CFO Alliance to help us complete this deal was a great decision.”
-Ken Bowles, Tribridge CFO.   

“CFO Alliance’s ability to hit the ground running and build trust with our executive team to deliver on critical deal components was outstanding.”
– Tony DiBenedetto, Tribridge co-founder and CEO.


With the right partner to guide you through the process, a merger or acquisition has the potential to transform your business. CFO Alliance has a proven history and the experience to be that winning partner.