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Will Covid-19 Change Entrepreneurs Behavior in the Long Term?

Across the nation, lockdown measures are beginning to ease, and businesses are starting to reopen. The initial shock of COVID is over and we are now entering to a new state of normal.

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by all businesses around the world. Business leaders have tackled a range of situations that span from keeping their employees and customers safe, managing cash and liquidity, and navigating complicated government assistance programs. 

Rebuilding Revenue To Emerge Stronger

We want to hear how you have taken on these unforeseeable situations and how COVID-19 has impacted your business. To get a national perspective on how entrepreneurs have adapted and are looking ahead, we created a survey for business owners to be able to share their experiences during these times. These answers will allow us to get a better understanding of the health of your business, our friends, and our partners.

13 Week Cash Flow Forecast Spreadsheets Model

The survey will be looking for answers to a few of the following questions:

Clear Insights

Did companies lose revenue or did companies increase their revenue?

Get The Full Picture

What percentage of companies are utilizing a cash flow forecast?

Actionable Data

What percentage of companies saw their EBITDA increase or decrease during COVID-19?

Plus much more.

We will be taking this data to create a fully comprehensive report made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, detailing the challenges and steps business leaders have taken during the pandemic. We want to share which steps led to new opportunities through adaptation, and which steps could be avoided to prevent economic downturn for businesses.

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This Survey is By Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs
Your Feedback Is Valuable

The growth and prosperity of fellow entrepreneurs are significant to us at CFO Alliance; this is one of our core values.

The data we are collecting will be used to help entrepreneurs, financial leaders, and investors get a full view of the way forward-thinking innovators have adapted to the current climate.

This data will also show areas of opportunity business owners should acknowledge and what steps their peers have taken to push beyond and thrive.

Your perspective and thoughts are vital to us to see the full picture. We thank you for taking time out or your busy schedule and completing our five-minute survey and sharing how you and your business are doing during these times, what steps have you taken to manage cash flow, and your outlook for the upcoming quarter and beyond.

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