How To Be a Better Entrepreneur

Through Mindfulness and Meditation

 Better kindness, focus, and calm.

  • Start your day feeling strong, focused, and confident.
  • Find calm by learning to handle challenging emotions.
  • Focus on strengthening your mind and building concentration.
  • Accept life with kindness and a sense of self-acceptance.
  • Accept life with kindness and a sense of self-acceptance.
  • Rest and relax while reflecting and easing your busy mind.

You might have heard the term mindfulness during a yoga class or farmers market, but it has recently become a hot topic in the world of business.

As an entrepreneur, your life is often filled with the stress and anxiety of effectively running your business;  and lack of sleep. That is why entrepreneurs nationwide are adopting Mindfulness as a tool that can support leadership and innovation.

Some entrepreneurs take pride in going to the gym at 5 am, doing a round of CrossFit, and grabbing their favorite protein smoothie on the way to the office. Our physical body is in shape, so what about the mind? Why not take time each day to look after your mind, to ensure it is functioning optimally?

Mindfulness has the power to keep you on the path to becoming a better entrepreneur. Here are five mindfulness steps for kindness, focus, and calm that every entrepreneur can utilize today.

1. Start Your Day

Feel strong, focused, and confident as you begin each day. Take time every morning to awaken both your body and your mind. Do not unplug your phone from the charger and start to answer emails and Slack notifications until you complete a quick mindfulness exercise.

Practice.  Take this time to take some sharp breaths – notice your breathing. Take soft, slow, mindful breaths, and notice your mood. Where do you feel your mood? Is this the right mood to take on the challenges of the day?

As the leader of your business, your mood and attitude can influence and affect your employees’ mood. Starting your day with mindful breaths and making adjustments for your day will ensure you and your team are awake and ready for the upcoming business day.

Entrepreneur Meditation

“Make each day your masterpiece.”

John Wooden

2. Find Calm

Despite what you might have heard, entrepreneurs are not supposed to be stressed 24/7 – no one should be. Entrepreneurship means learning to handle tricky or challenging emotions.

Practice.  Finding your calm and build an imaginary hideaway. Imagine you are in your own peaceful place where you feel happy and safe. In your mind, explore your peaceful place, notice details of the landscape.  Imagine doing something fun in your peaceful place; perhaps there are spreadsheets and EBITDA analysis, or if you’re not an accountant, then something normal like a cute dog or an animal that wants to play.

When it’s time to return to the present moment, say goodbye to your peaceful place, bring your attention back to the sounds around you. You can revisit your peaceful place anytime the stresses of the day begin to pile up.

3. Focus

Practicing mindfulness helps entrepreneurs stay focused throughout their day. This is done by strengthening your mind, waking up your brain, building concentration, and sharpening your sensory awareness.

In the business world, numerous things are outside of your control. These issues can be stressful; however, you can learn to focus your mind through consistent mindfulness training that leads you down the road to success and accomplishing things you never thought possible.

Practice.  Sharpen your focus with mindfulness training. Imagine your dream office space for your business. What does it look like on the outside? Now go inside your office space. Wander through the offices of your team. Notice the shapes, smells, and sounds in each room.  If your mind starts shifting to something else, take a deep mindful breath and blow out the air. Bring your thoughts back to your office space. You are building brainpower when you pay attention to all the details in your mind office.

Building this resilience will not only decrease day-to-day anxiety, but will also unlock creativity and focus potential.

4. Accept Life With Kindness

When entrepreneurs are stressed, they are less likely to notice if a colleague looks burned out or sad and more likely to get irritated if they don’t perform as expected. This can lead to challenging or negative emotions and can sometimes have ramifications that affect your entire business.

When you’re in a calmer and happier place, that’s probably the day when you will have more empathy: You’ll notice your colleague and take the time to reach out and ask if there’s anything you can do to support them.

Practice.  Think about your interactions with your employees, customers, and investors. Take deep mindful breaths and visualize kind interactions with each.  This will tremendously increase your well-being, as many of us have experienced when we perform little acts of kindness.

When we feel compassion, our heart rate goes down, and our parasympathetic nervous system is more activated. Accept life with kindness. Feel a sense of self-acceptance and connection to the world.

Happiness Entrepreneur

5. Rest and Relax

Being mindful throughout the day will improve your health and wellness by reminding yourself to live in the moment. What about the end of your day? Ending your day with mindfulness exercises can help you relax your mind and body for a better night’s sleep and a more calm and productive tomorrow

Practice.  Before going to sleep, take time to think about your day and what happened. Think about the things from your day that make you thankful. Try setting an intention for the following day. Don’t get bogged down by details, as this can make you more stressed. Your intention should be something positive, like “Tomorrow I’m going to communicate my feelings better.”

Mindfulness Matters for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be challenging and stressful. You need every tool available to make things easier; however, not every business tools is directly tied to running everyday operations — sometimes, they are tools tied to helping you run your mind.
Your mind is an unimaginably powerful and valuable asset in your toolbox; it’s responsible for your happiness and depression: your creativity and creative blocks. Your mind is capable of problem-solving or creating problems.

A recent study has shown that taking mindfulness steps, such as meditation, can lower blood cortisol levels, which improves our ability to process information and manage stress.

Use these mindfulness tips to put you in a mindset that will help you work more effectively and lead to higher productivity, better results, and more satisfaction with your workdays.