HealthcareStaffing Agency

How a major healthcare staffing agency used clear financials, process efficiency, and financial leadership to get really to sell.

The Challenge

Help an East Coast-based Healthcare Staffing agency develop the financial visibility and processes needed to ensure consistent growth to maximize the value of their company and be prepared for a potential sale.

The Outcome

 With more accurate and industry-specific financial reporting, including supplemental reporting and KPIs to track performance against budgets and other benchmarks, this particular healthcare staffing agency, has a clearer understanding of the financial results of the business.

This enabled more effective decision making and is ready to sell their business at a maximized value. 

Overview &
The Company

For a company to successfully grow and scale their business, they need to have a scalable infrastructure.

As a business owner, you must have successful financial and accounting processes and have an understanding of your financial data. 

  • What is your EBITDA?
  • Do you know your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)?
  • Do you know your CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)?

Ensuring everything is accurate and up to date, can help prevent your business from unforeseen financial issues.

Case Study Medical Staffing

If you haven’t kept accurate financials since the beginning of your business journey, it can be very stressful and overwhelming.

"financial visibility = successful growth journey"

This east coast based healthcare staffing agency realized that they lacked the financial visibility needed in order to focus on growing and scaling their business to maximize the company’s value in case of a potential sale.

This meant years of financials needed to be analyzed, balanced, recorded. Talk about a clean-up on aisle two.

That is when they called CFO Alliance, our team of financial leaders was quick to provide the financial leadership to implement efficient, scalable solutions and sell-side support.

Proactive Leadership            Process Efficiency             Profitability 

Proactive Financial Leadership:

  • Developed and implemented efficient, scalable process and procedures for areas such as billing and banking.
  • Provided support and guidance for multi-state registrations and payroll compliance.
  • Developed monthly and quarterly financial package with actionable KPIs.
  • Developed a 13-week cash flow forecast. 
Case Study Tablet Image

 The company obtained a partner who provided a long-term outsourced solution for financial leadership and team to execute and implement efficient scalable solutions. The company’s officers have gained additional time to focus on growing the business.

Drive Process Efficiency:

  • Restructured the chart of accounts, correct past accounting tasks, and convert to the accrual method to provide proper accounting structure.
  • Implemented an automated payroll process.
  • Developed company budget process.
  • Created an efficient month-end close process.
Make actionable data driven decision for your business

Month-end close was able to be delivered 6 times faster, from 60 to 10 days, giving management more time to optimize gross margin and EBITDA. By implementing efficient scalable processes and procedures using automation, the company spends less time on repetitive tasks and is focused on higher-value activities


  • Create customer profitability reporting.
  • Continuously optimize gross margin for each customer.
  • Building a dynamic Forecasting model containing Burden calculation, Pricing tool, and multi-year projections.

The value of the company increased through the implementation of proper financial and accounting processes, procedures, and reporting, which created a clear path for further scalability.


With accurate financial data and efficient processes and procedures set in place, the company can focus its efforts on making quick, driven decisions on growing their business.

Despite the economic recession of 2020 which affected multiple industries, this healthcare staffing agency was able to utilize the financial visibility provided to them in order to make data-driven actions and pivot their business and continue on a growth trajectory. 

If you are looking to get your business in the right direction with the help of experienced financial leaders, contact us today, and let’s start a journey to set your business up for long-term success.

Let us know how we can help your business prosper.