An Aligned Acquisition

Walmart recently gave us a great example of how to think outside the box regarding strategic acquisitions by focusing on a more holistic alliance, rather than solely purchasing cash flow or controlling the supply chain.

Walmart & Polymorph: An Aligned Acquisition


By acquiring the digital ad platform Polymorph Labs, management made another investment in their transformation from a brick-and-mortar to a multi-channel experience. The success of e-commerce giant Amazon makes an easy case to purchase e-commerce organizations as a growth strategy, however, the innovation and synergy related to the Polymorph buy ties into management’s broader vision to blur the lines of online and in-store.


This approach leverages the existing organizational strengths – in-store traffic and geographic presence – to turn a threat of competing for online sales into an opportunity.

So while acquisitions of all kinds are a large part of an organization’s strategic growth plan, they often prove to be complex with so many players involved. Financial leaders can strategically guide you through the acquisitions process play-by-play, from initial planning to close and on to final integration.

At CFO Alliance, we thrive on helping our clients create long-term value by supporting them throughout the M&A deal process and beyond.

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