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Artificial Intelligence: How it Benefits SAAS Companies

Artificial Intelligence: How it Benefits SAAS CompaniesNot long ago, artificial intelligence (AI) elicited visions of Terminator movies and self-aware robots rising up to fight the human race. And although some may still believe the robots will overthrow the humans, AI is actually bringing a lot of positive innovations to our world. Today, AI is all around us, being used in smart homes, apps, grocery stores, and broadly in the B2B sector.  READ MORE

Don’t Let GAAP Spook You: Why Financial Statements Matter

Don't Let GAAP Spook You: Why Financial Statements MatterIncome statements and balance sheets and cash flow – oh, my!

The three major financial statements required under GAAP are often enough to evoke sheer terror from even the steeliest entrepreneurs – and it’s no surprise why. GAAP or “accrual basis” financial statements can make-or-break your ability to make educated decisions and plan strategically for your business.


Need more funds to expand your business? Look no further than financial statements to weigh your debts, shareholders’ capital, and other loans you’ve taken to decide which type of financing is optimal. READ MORE

5 Financial Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

5 Financial Habits of Successful EntrepreneursEntrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, but the most successful entrepreneurs have a few key things in common. Not only do they have a passion for serving their loyal customers but they have a fundamental understanding of the finance side of their business. Here are the top 5 financial habits we’ve seen in our most successful entrepreneurial partners.


Winning the M&A Game – Case Study

Acquiring a business can be a great way to quickly expand into new product lines and markets. On the other hand, selling a business or merging operations can provide access to valuable capital needed for growth, innovation and profitability. When these two transactions come together seamlessly in a single business deal, everybody wins.READ MORE