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Pre-Acquisition Playbook 1 of 3: How Financial Leaders Succeed Before an Acquisition

How Financial Leaders Succeed Before an Acquisitionby Lisa Kieres, Director

As we’ve discussed, an acquisition is an unimaginable feat of strength and endurance at every stage – before, during and after – but when executed well with the right team by your side, you can end the game with a win on the board.

As deal advisors, we’ve seen many companies approach acquisitions with an informal ‘ready-fire-aim’ approach. As a result, they get far down the path of pursuing an acquisition without benefiting from important front-end work.

And this is no small matter.

When surveyed regarding their acquisition processes, CEOs revealed that fewer than one in five believed they planned adequately prior to their deals. And this lack of prior planning was the most commonly cited ‘lesson learned’ by this group of leaders.


Acquisition Playbook 2 of 3: How Financial Leaders Succeed During An Acquisition

How Financial Leaders Succeed During An Acquisitionby Brooke Evans, CEO and Lisa Kieres, Director

So, you’re ready to take the field to pursue an acquisition.

Experienced leaders know this will be one of the most important strategies they can undertake – one that will impact their company’s future, financial success, and stakeholders.

That’s why the best financial leaders we’ve worked with often turn to ‘special teams’ in the form of supplemental support – experts who stay agile in order to anticipate and avoid problems while seizing opportunities to clinch the winning deal. Additionally, they’re able to clarify roles and cast their vision of the future, thereby creating an environment where their people feel secure and focused.


Post-Acquisition Playbook 3 of 3: How Financial Leaders Succeed After An Acquisition

How Financial Leaders Succeed After An Acquisitionby Brooke Evans, CEO

The ink has dried, the closing is done and the celebratory champagne sits on ice, waiting to be popped. No, scratch that – it’s waiting to be sabered. This road to closing the acquisition has been a long, arduous one and deserves a dramatic celebratory moment because you’ve finally reached the finish line, right?

Well, not quite.

Because while you and your team have earned this opportunity to finally exhale after many months, the best financial leaders we’ve worked with know that this moment is just that – a moment of respite.

Let’s Celebrate Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month – a high holiday at CFO Alliance – as it reminds us all how important it is to establish and maintain healthy financial habits, effectively handle money and deal with debt.

But if you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you already understand the importance of financial literacy and are fluent in this universal language of business.

We think about financial literacy – a lot. And we wonder why talking about money and finances is still taboo.


Walmart & Polymorph: An Aligned Acquisition

Walmart recently gave us a great example of how to think outside the box regarding strategic acquisitions by focusing on a more holistic alliance, rather than solely purchasing cash flow or controlling the supply chain.

Walmart & Polymorph: An Aligned Acquisition


By acquiring the digital ad platform Polymorph Labs, management made another investment in their transformation from a brick-and-mortar to a multi-channel experience. The success of e-commerce giant Amazon makes an easy case to purchase e-commerce organizations as a growth strategy, however, the innovation and synergy related to the Polymorph buy ties into management’s broader vision to blur the lines of online and in-store.