Introducing CFO alliance Client portal Image CFO AllianceIntroducing The CFO Alliance Client Portal

by Chris Morgan, Senior Manager, Client Services & Innovation

Have you experienced the benefit of using the right tool for the job?

In construction sites it can be critical to both physical safety as well as completion of work.  While the accounting and finance department is not a hard hat zone, the criticality of using the proper tools is still very real.

From the value of collaboration and timely information, to security risk mitigation, tools are an integral part of a company’s prosperity.

As part of our mission to help people prosper, we’re excited to share our newest tool with the world: our Client Portal!

As with most innovation, this solution was born from a problem, or in our case, a series of problems.  Though not all of them were critical in nature, and each had different value impact, when we took a step back we realized there was a synergy that was created by addressing these issues with one centralized solution.

Any Of These Sound Familiar To You?

  • Missed Opportunity: Timely, actionable information is crucial for organizational management; without it, missed opportunities can be costly.  One of the most exciting parts of our platform, is our KPI Dashboard that can be customized to meet management’s needs.  Using Data Visualization, and pulling real-time data from an array of systems (many of our clients use Quick Books Online) we organize, formulate and present data as actionable information – something we like to call “News you can use”.


  • Email security concerns: I.T. loves it when we send sensitive financial documents as email attachments, right?  Despite its known vulnerabilities, email is still widely used to send this data between organizations.  Our secure web-based platform allows users to upload files to encrypted servers circumventing the email thread entirely.


  • Wasted Time: Along with removing sensitive financial documents from the un-secure email environment, by using our platform the documents become part of our in-document search.  So the next time you’re trying to find a file but don’t remember the name or where it’s stored, you can plug in some text that was anywhere in that document and our search tool will display your results.  Our file storage also includes typical document management features such as versioning control and user-based permissions, along with collaboration tools such as document notes/comments, and in-document annotations.


  • Missed connections: It takes a team effort to drive success, but for a team to function they need to communicate.  Our two-part messaging features allow for both urgent and not-urgent messaging.  The less urgent matters can be sent and stored through a typical “inbox/outbox” message that allows for easy recall and indexing for search.  While more urgent matters can be discussed using our real-time chat feature that connects you with your dedicated accounting support team.


  • Other features includes Scheduling which syncs with most 3rd party calendar platforms; and Notes, that we use to keep monthly call agendas and minutes in one collaborative

The total result?  A collaborative, informative hub for your financial accounting and reporting that should drive efficiency and data-driven-decision making.

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